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The world provides each and every one of us with a definition of true beauty. A standard in which to hold ourselves “accountable to” and in which to judge those around us. We are expected to reach this level of beauty and maintain it at all times, denying our insecurities, our real and unique character, and the true woman in which God so uniquely inspires us to be, so that we can fit into the box that society has prepared for each of us.

After breaking free of the chains society had on her and ridding herself of the everyday burden of attempting to fit into the “box” the world had created for her, Casandra now challenges other women to do the same. Speaking nation-wide Casandra empowers women to take off their masks of perfection, viewing themselves and the world around them through the eyes of our Father.


  • True Beauty : Finding and Seeking God’s beauty in our lives, in ourselves and in the people around us.
  • Who’s Reflection Do We See in the Mirror: Discovering our inner beauty and self worth.  breaking the molds and barriers the world has established around us.
  • Authentic Living : Ridding your life of the “Smoke and Mirrors,” by eliminating the masks of perfection we’ve created for ourselves and living the lives God has called us to live.
  • Contentment vs. Happiness : Seeking God First.
  • Dealing With “Failed” Dreams: God has never created a failure. Despite the fact that we may have “missed the mark,” God’s love for us never fails. He doesn’t see the missed mark as a failure but as a learning opportunity for us to grow and strengthen ourselves through Him. Now, we need to learn to see ourselves through His eyes.
  • Loving God Through our Struggles and Triumphs:  Loving God in the melancholy is often easier than loving Him in the highs and lows. Discover ways to draw nearer to Him through the rollercoaster ride of life.
  • (MOM)ents: The ups, downs and all-arounds of new motherhood. How to balance and navigate through life, work, motherhood, and marriage.
  • Mind. Body and Soul Transformation. : Learning to create healthy habits that lead to a lifestyle of health for your mind, body and soul. (Daily devotions, quick exercise routines and clean eating recipes on a budget)
  • Seeing God in Everything: God doesn’t stay in the church on Sunday. God doesn’t stay in our homes, waiting for us to return from work in the evening. God is everywhere and in everything. Learn how to see and seek His hands in every aspect of your life.
  • Its a Matter of Grammatics:  Navigating through this life and the struggles of living “In” this world, but not be “Of” this World.



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