The Size of a Real Woman

As with every fashion week, there is always increased “stir” about body image.  However, I’ve begun  to see a new trend… social media blurbs everywhere popping up discussing the NEW size of a “Real Woman,” … stating the size of A “Real Woman” is a size 6,8,10…. A “Real Woman” has curves… A “Real Woman” looks like “this”, A “Real Woman” looks like “that”… Well, I don’t know how you feel, but I consider myself a “A Real Woman” and I don’t consider myself capable nor want to fit in anyone’s box or definition they’ve created for me or what I should “look like” … aside from “Healthy.”  A Real Woman might have curves, might be a size 14, might be a size 0, or might look like a stick….

A “Real Woman” is Healthy. (period)

I believe that’s about the only box I would fit to conform. 

Several people have contacted me over the past few months, asking about my diet and workout routine during pregnancy and now, post-partum…. my response to many has been, I didn’t have a “diet” or “workout routine” while pregnant… nor do I have one “post-partum”… I simply have a lifestyle. 

Prior to my pregnancy, I was around a 105lbs (can’t remember exactly)… but I don’t feel I was any less woman at that point. I was thin, but I was healthy – eating clean, running between 3-6 miles a day (not to lose weight but to clear my mind and grab some “Me” time.) After finding out I was pregnant, I continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy. Well into my 6 month of pregnancy, I remained running 3-6 miles daily (doctor approved). We hiked, we walked, we swam, we paddled… The day I went into labor, I was still swimming laps at the pool.  I maintained my style of eating, meaning we continued to eat clean and nutritious. Gaining well over 55 pounds throughout my pregnancy, I never considered myself any more nor any less of a woman at any time….due to the weight I was putting on or my quickly growing “size”.  In fact, I was just as proud of and confident in my body throughout the entire pregnancy as I was walking on the runway.

Following my pregnancy, I’m not going to lie, I was concerned about what my body was going to look like. How could I not be? … I’d heard from so many people, “You’ll never get your body back,” “You’re always going to have belly pooch,” “Don’t be surprised if people are asking you when you’re due 6 months after you’ve had your baby,” “You’re never going to be able to wear a bikini again.”

I’m here to tell you… Whether you’ve had a baby or simply just let yourself wane from healthy decisions when it comes to eating and exercising… NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…if you are willing to make healthy eating and exercise a “LIFESTYLE CHOICE.” 

Lets be honest, there are thousands of diets to help you lose weight, “QUICK without changing your lifestyle… and continuing to eat what you want” and exercise equipment to utilize while sitting on the couch or in front of the TV “so it doesn’t feel like you’re working out.” … I’m sure many of us have tried the diets or the workout machines/videos and have found results… but only temporary results, because the truth of the matter is, YOU CAN”T have lasting results without a change to YOUR LIFESTYLE.

You can only eat food that is prepared for you, count points, avoid going out and/or certain food groups for so long… and then reality hits, your weight comes back on and its another “failed” diet.  Its about knowing and understanding HOW TO EAT… and lets face it, Knowing how to eat, isn’t common sense. It is something learned. Something that truly does need to be taught.

Join myself and other “REAL WOMEN  & MEN OF ALL SIZES” as we discover how to LIVE a HEALTHY LIFE… share new healthy recipes, fun exercise ideas (hey exercise doesn’t have to be DONE in the gym! – I don’t even have a gym membership!), and simply encourage one another to make HEALTHIER LIFE DECISIONS. 

A number doesn’t define me nor make me more or less of a woman.    

Step outside of the box that so many people are trying to conform to, and seek to create a HEALTHY and LASTING LIFESTYLE!

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Mind, Body, & Soul. (Part 2 of 6) Basics Of Looking Chic While Preggo.

Mind, Body & Soul

Getting Focused. Beyond The Wardrobe.

Part 2 of 6

Regardless of the boutiques you have at hand, the money you have in the bank, the MUA team at your side, the wardrobe in your closet … I can promise you one thing… Your #1 Key to “Looking Chic While Pregnant” (and not pregnant for that matter) is “FOCUS!”

Face it… It happens to us all. Those days you wake up, look in the mirror and think, “MAN, I’ve got it going on today!” … the hair, the skin, the attitude, the aura. The Planets have aligned. You could wear anything or nothing – pajamas, your favorite t-shirt, a bikini, or a gown – confidence simply exudes from every pore of your body!

And then, the inevitable happens.  You wake up the next morning, look in that same mirror and the confidence that exuded from every pore of your body the day before, has been replaced by … a pimple, water-weight, red-eyes, dull-skin, dark-circles, cellulite, hair that clearly belongs to a Troll as opposed to any human being… essentially what they call, “DEATH WARMED OVER,”… and an attitude that SCREAMS with negativity. Its days like this that you want to crawl back into the bed, hide behind a mask of make-up, hire a live-in hairdresser, cover all the mirrors in your home with tarps, hide beneath a hat…its just one of those days.

The thing is, on one of those days as much as we try, no amount of make up, face cream, under eye concealer, or money spent on a wardrobe can you make you “look” amazing and chic, if you truly don’t FEEL it. One of the best pieces of advice I have for “Looking Chic While Preggo,” is to stay in the RIGHT mindset…creating a world around you conducive for POSITIVITY… it’s all about the FOCUS…YOU’RE FOCUS!

Where is Your Focus? How is Your Attitude?

I have 5 keys steps to keeping your focus and attitude where they need to be… focusing on the MIND, BODY, & SOUL.

1. Communicate with your Team. No, not your make up and hair team. When you wake up and have a bad attitude about the way you look in the mirror, no amount of make up is FIXING THAT! Think about how many celebrity “mishap” photos you see and they certainly have all the money and opportunity to hire the best MUA’s (make up artists) out there.  I’m referring to communicating with two separate and personal support systems here… the support systems that help work on YOUR beauty from the INSIDE OUT!  Your husband (or your partner) and your faith in “SOMEONE” or something greater than yourself… In my case, it is my faith in Jesus Christ.

Communication is KEY. I am fortunate enough (and probably because of career) my husband knows the “look” I get on my face when I wake up to “one of those days” (I don’t even know “the look”… because I can’t see clearly into the mirror through my “bad attitude”) When my husband takes note of “the look” it is almost automatic that he will offer up one of these silly but “learned” and useful comments: for example if he’s in our closet preparing for work, “This dress in the closet, the green one (its blue but who’s being technical) I meant to tell you the other day, it matches your eyes perfectly.”  So here, the other half of MY team has done three things

  • re-directed my negative focus about how horrible I look
  • made me laugh to hear him take notice of anything “fashionable” in the “female-world” whatsoever (although who likes to laugh, nor merely smile when their in a bad mood!.. don’t be nice to me when I’m trying to be in a bad mood)
  • basically just reminded me, “Hey, remember,  I’m on your team.”
  • Yes, I have been known too on some of “those days,” think to myself after a comment like that, “WHO CARES about a stupid dress that matches my eyes! Have you SEEN what I look like? NO DRESS is going to fix this!” However, here’s the thing, as my dad would tell me growing up, “No matter where you go in this world, you have to take yourself.” No one, NOT EVEN YOU LIKES TO BE SAD… feel ugly (physically or emotionally) so when someone is clearly trying to “throw you a bone,” take it.

    Communication with Jesus is an absolute must. Every morning, “good” or “bad” I sit down in front my bible, and engross myself in his word – putting my focus 100% where it needs to be! Now, that’s not to say, every morning I can sit and spend 20 minutes doing a study or reading, but it is to say that I have my key verses on those hectic mornings, that I can flip to, read and re-read, jutting my focus from what “seems” important to me, at that particular moment, to WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT TO ME!  PS – just a little side note:  “Genesis 1:26” … “Remember God created mankind in HIS image”…

    2. Keep it Simple, but keep it Real. When it’s one of those days, Keep it Simple, meaning have a “go-to” outfit that makes you feel and (in your opinion) look good. However, when I say Keep it Real, I mean BE … Continue reading