Skin,Skin,Skin! : Looking Chic While Preggo (Part 3 of 6)

Part 3 of 6 : Looking Chic While Preggo

Congratulations!! You’re PREGNANT…Now What?

If you are anything like me, The News of a Baby on the way came with Great Joy, Great Surprise and a Lengthy List of things to Learn.

Within minutes of finding out your Pregnant you find yourself GOOGLE-ing the MANY Life Changing Things you Need to Prepare for, Be Aware of, Learn About, Avoid Eating, Start Eating…

Oh, and on top of that…  Familiarize Yourself with the Following “MUST AVOID” Beauty Ingredients…

Salicylic acid, BHA, Retinol , Parabens, Phthalates, Toulenes, Cream Hair Removers, Essential Oils(Cedarwood, Majoram, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Vetiver), Benzyol Peroxide, Accutane, Hydrocortisone, Lead, 1,4 Dioxane, Hair dye, Retin A, Vitamin A, Retinoids, All Hydroxy Acids : Citric Acid, Alpha and Beta,  Kojic Acid, Dihydroxyacetone (sunless tanners), Laser Therapy, Salicylates (aspirin), Chemical Sunscreens, Hyaluronic Acid, Sulfur, Hydroquinone, alcohol, Differin (adapelene)
Retin-A, Renova (tretinoin),
Retinoic acid,
Retinyl linoleate, Retinyl palmitate,
Tazorac, avage (Tazarotene), Lethicin
Textured vegetable protein (TVP), Potassium Thioglycolate, Calcium Thioglycolate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sanguisorba Officinalis, Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Avobenzone (Parsol 1789),
Oxybenzone, Dioxybenzone,
Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), 
Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), 

Overwhelmed Yet?

I was.

Over the past 8 months I have  EXPERIMENTED, SAMPLED, HATED & LOVED my way through hundreds of products to finally FIND the PERFECT


Skincare and Beauty Routine!

Find below a List of my Top Skin Care Products & 5 Rules You must Adhere to for the Perfect SKIN all Pregnancy Long! 

5 Golden Rules for Perfect Skin

1. HYDRATION IS KEY! Drink No Less than 80 oz. of Water Per Day 

Staying Hydrated is of the utmost important while Pregnant, however, water also helps to rid the body of impurities… PIMPLE causing Impurities that Build up and Clog your skin.  The more water you drink, the more “Glowy” your skin looks and the quicker cell-turnover. Also, keep in mind, the more water you DRINK the less Water you RETAIN because you are constantly flushing your system! Not too mention, that although Stretch marks, are in many ways hereditary, doing your part to keep your skin hydrated to allow for Extra-Stretch CAN NEVER Hurt!

2. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Avoid Excess Sugar : Including Pasta, Breads, Potatoes & Rice (these products rapidly turn to sugar within your body)  

Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Legumes. Sweetheart, STOCK UP on those extra proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. AVOID Excess Sugar!
“Inflammation is at the basis of aging in all organ systems, including the skin. One of the reasons inflammation occurs is from a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes biochemical changes in the cell that result in accelerated aging. You can have deterioration of the brain or the heart muscle, and likewise of the skin. Of the internal causes of inflammation, one of the big ones is diet. In addition to biochemical changes, sugar causes damage to the skin in another way: When blood sugar goes up rapidly, sugar can attach itself to collagen in a process called “glycation,” making the skin stiff and inflexible. Losing this elastic resilience of young skin will give you deep wrinkles and make you look old.”


The Carbohydrates in 1 Regular White Potato convert into the same amount of Sugar Found in Eating MULTIPLE Candy Bars! 

3. Exfoliate : Your Face and Body

For everyone the amount in which you should exfoliate is different. Keep in mind, EXFOLIATION should leave your skin looking and feeling healthy. If you exfoliate on a daily basis and you notice Red-Blotchiness, Slow your Routine to 2 times a week.

4. Follow Your Routine Daily

Regardless of how many days you are able to Exfoliate, it is IMPERATIVE that you follow a Daily Cleansing and Moisture Routine – MORNING & NIGHT, Without Fail. You must cleanse your skin of toxins everyday, and provide it with the moisture needed to protect, rebuild and defend itself from further free-radicals. KEEP IN MIND, This means those late nights you have, YOU MUST STILL COMPLETE Your routine.. if not, don’t find it Alarming to wake up with a lovely RED surprise on your face or GOD FORBID, YOUR BODY!! .. Not gross enough? Think about this, the bacteria that you fall asleep with, transfers to your pillowcase and sheets and not only stays with you ALL night long, but is there, Festering Until YOU WASH YOUR BED LINENS!

5. Rid Yourself of Necessary Stress and Stressful People

There are some stressors that are actually good, especially when you learn to recognize them and learn to cope with them. However, unnecessary stressors (bad stress)  found in those things and people that bring CONSTANT worry and turmoil will eventually wear you down, drain you of your energy and wreak havoc on your immune system and body as a whole… leading to Pre-Mature Aging, Illness, Diseases such as Cancer, etc.

Beauty Obsessions for Every Beauty Woe

Through my years of modeling, I have tried THOUSANDS of beauty products – Hair Care, Styling Tools, Face Care, Make Up, Skin Care, Body Make Up… You Name it, I’ve tried it!  

Through my … Continue reading